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Histamine Intolerance and insomnia

3 Jun

So a lot of histamine patients seem to have issues sleeping. As my allergist so eloquently put it and I quote :” histamine is a wake-amine”.  As for me, I wake up from the slightest light or sound. It gets so bad I wake up multiple times per hour. You can imagine this is quite hard. It means waking up just as tired as when you went to bed. I’ve tried a wide variety of tricks, but nothing really does seem to do the trick.  I’m on sleep medication right now, carefully discussed with my doctor. I take Atarax before I go to bed, and a sleep medication called Trazodone.  It’s one of the oldest anti-depressants, but not containing SSRI’s. In fact, it’s a mild anti-histamine.

With those medications I still wake up multiple times per night, and I still have very silly dreams (or like my friend calls them, histamine-dreams).

I try to avoid what I can that wakes me up at night. Wearing an eyemask is one of them. Since the littlest bit of light wakes me up, this is a nice solution. People can get some nice, decent ones at an outdoor shop like A.S. Adventure ( approximetly 10 €). If you’re looking on spending less money on them, some gadgetshops have them too (at about 4 €).

Earplugs are good to keep sound out, altho I haven’t tried them myself. I usually wrap the blanket over my head so sound gets muffled out. Maybe its good to consult a doctor beforehand if you choose to use earplugs long term. A friend of mine used them for a while at night, and she had some complaints..

Also, being utterly relaxed helps too off course. Stress releases histamine into the body, and we want to avoid that before going to bed. Meditation, a bit of yoga, or enjoying sitting outside in the eveningsun, whatever works best..

Off course, these issues can vary from person to person. If you have sleeping issues, always make sure to discuss them with your doctor. If then you can relate it to your histamine intolerance, make sure to look for a solution, together with your doctor and allergist, that fits you best!

Here’s a link to something on the role of histamine and waking:

And those histamine dreams, maybe we can amuse a dream-analyst with it ;o)

sleep tight!