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Histamine Intolerance and a positive look on life

5 Sep

Seems a bit hard no? The many struggles we go through, the misunderstandings, the strange looks, fatigues, skinissues and so on and so forth.. We lack sleep, can’t go out for dinner, and often feel like life is battling against us. If you explain people about HIT, they will say ‘well, you’ve gotta do it, you’ve got no choice..’

But we always have choice. We have choice in how we deal with this. We have choice how we feel about it every day, and how we deal with it. I know from experience it is soo hard to keep a good spirit, when people say its all in your head, you’ve had your so manieth reaction and feel too dead tired to do anything. It’s so very easy to fall in this downward spiral of thoughts. But we have to take care of ourselves. And I don’t mean that just physically, but also mentally.

Try not to battle this condition you have, because it will only cause more conflict inside you. Once you embrace your HIT, accept it as a part of you, you’ll feel so much more confident learning about it. Not only will you feel stronger mentally, you’ll have more strength continuing your search or diet, and in the end feel better as a person, bith mentally and physically.

I know its all easy talk… but be honest, the only ones telling us how bad or situation is, and how little we can eat and such..well, thats us right?  We are strong, we have to love inside us to accept us in every way, and to deal with it in the best way possible! We do things other popele never thought possible, and we do it with a smile! Why? Because a smile always smiles back at us!

For everyone attling something out there, never loose hope..hope and love always reside in your hearts!