A brilliant cookbook!!

5 Dec

And all just for you histamine sufferers out there! It is finally here: The Red Wine Headache cookbook, written by the talented author Ella Elizabeth!


All recipes are tested on histamine, and have been proven yummy!


5 Responses to “A brilliant cookbook!!”

  1. Johnny R January 14, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    Hi, I posted this today on another site…was looking for Histamine related joint pain tonight, and came across your blog. I hope this helps…

    “Hi all, my wife has suffered from Histamine intolerance since she was little wee. Up until now we thought her irritable bowel and sore tummy and rashes were something else, even to the point of going to specialists etc..etc. The rashes were getting worse, to the point where the poor mite was just in pain and itching uncontrollably.

    Anyway, we found Histame about 2 weeks ago. I suffer also but not as bad as she does from food histamine intolerance. There was no fast food, no aged cheeses, no Champagne. no pizza, certain breads, anything with soy in it, left-over meals from the day before…and the list went on and on. OH…no sushi and no restaurants. She was REALLY…miserable. If we went away to see family in NYC or LA…we needed to plan the food for the trip. No Subway enroute!!!

    So Histame. We got it, and my wife was dead scared of playing guinea pig as one would expect. She knew though, that it’s trial and error and there really is no way around it. I went and got KFC…with the potato wedges, both of which in the past gave her rashes ( not bad, so the soy content and or other factors wern’t high ) so a good place to start. She took 3 pills as she was scared…waited 5 minutes, and tucked in. Normally she would have a sore tummy, or something going on with her skin anywhere from an hour in or out to 4-5 hours. So we waited…and nothing.
    I woke her early in the morning, and checked her limbs – torso. Nothing!!!

    So, that night….we went to Red Lobster which we havn’t been to in 3 years.
    She took two pills this time, while we ordered the entree…and that arrived around 7 minutes in, so still within the 15min time frame. Crab cakes, breaded shrimp and calamari. All of which would have her with a full body rash for at least…2 days…easily!
    For a main, she had lobster..oh…and she was also using the little dipping sauces that came with the entree, which once again was totally off limits normally.
    Got home, and she still felt fine. No upsets. Next morning, I checked her all over again….and nothing. Needless to say, she was ecstatic to the point of crying. Poor thing…a blander than bland diet for a few years.

    So…two meals…two wins. The 3rd day….I bought Carls Junior…she had fries and a Bacon/Guacamole Burger. The Burger is full of soy, as well as the pickled pickles, which are high in histamine ( from the pickling process ) etc..etc.
    Because the last time many moons ago, that she ate the same and was in pain for 2 days ( Full body rash…terrible raised welts ) she was hesitant, but, took 3 pills and went for it. I laughed, as she said she was drooling so much while eating the burger.
    I swear she was having some sort of godly experience watching her eat this thing, and she said although it was a lot to eat, it was worth every last bite..hahahaha.
    So, same drill…..monitor systems till bedtime….all good. Next morning….GOOD!!!
    Nada…not a bean. 3 meals…3 days….all good.
    So, last night…I went and got a roast chook from Safeway. These always have soy and or other histamine inducing ingredients. She took 2 pills, waited 5 minutes…and tucked in. Breast meat with some skin ( not much ). Once again….shes fine.
    4 meals….4 days….all good.
    We have yet to try Champagne though…as we aren’t sure how liquids will affect the pill ( ie: After a glass or two…does she need to take another pill to keep the tummy happy? Or. can she go the evening on just 2-3 pills? ) So this will be a real test of Histame, but so far….we have to give it 10 out of 10 for what it’s done for her and myself.
    I hope this helps those wondering what they can possibly eat again.
    Cheers. “

    • histamine intolerance March 15, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

      Good news for you!!!!! Unfortunately, I believe it does not work for anyone.. I know here in Belgium Histame, or daosin are not easy to come by unfortunately. For me I feel best with the diet, since anti-histaminica aren’t working properly for me either. But I have heard good things about Histame, but for those willing to try, make sure to consult a professional first!! Thank you sooo ùuch for your story! It means a great deal for me!!!

    • Jordan April 22, 2013 at 3:31 am #

      If you are talking about Histame – proceed with caution. I was diagnosed histamine intolerance about a year and a half ago and after reading an article that i thought described my situation, i experimented with Histame. I went to the doctor for an annual check up and my liver enzymes had skyrocketed for no apparent reason. I had to get an ultrasound and was really afraid. The ultrasound was normal and the doctor told me to stop taking the Histame which i did. I had another blood test and my liver was back to normal. Anyway, be careful. I won’t take that stuff anymore.

  2. Octavarium February 15, 2011 at 4:09 pm #


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