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Tests, tests, and more tests…

15 Mar

So you’ve finally taken that huuuge step to get tested.  How do you prepare, and what can you expect?

I’m going to try and give some tips, from my own experiences. Please note these are only my experiences, and everyone’s story can go very differently..

Talk to your GP or doctor first. Make sure you talk about all your symptoms, and ask if it is possible they can be traced back to a food allergy or food intolerance. Most doctors do not like to be told. For example: when I went to my GP and told him I thought I am histamine intolerant his blunt answer was that the internet provides answers for anything(or that I was putting things in my head). Needless to say I switched GP. I started keeping a food diary that I could take with me, so the doc could see my symptoms were definetly food related. She referred my to the allergy department at the nearest by hospital.

Now how to prepare for that? Often you’ll be asked to take a bezillion food and beverages with you,and they will perform skin tests to see if you have an allergic reaction. if you’re histamine intolerant none of that will happen.  A control skin test usually consists of histamine, and thats how they may determine you’re histamine intolerant or have pseudo allergies.

Its definetly a good thing to do some beforehand studying. make sure you know what DAO’s are, how it can be tested, etc etc etc.. You can take a list of questions with you that you have, and show the allergist. Please note that not every allergist is familiar with these issues, and may not know for example why you can’t eat potatoes, or may not even know what DAO’s are.

Do not be discouraged by this!!!  Even the tiniest step forward can still prove to be a great help for you!!!

My GP told me to go to hospital with the slighest expectations, or none at all.. that way you will not get disappointed!

If you haven’t gotten any answers to your questions, don’t be afraid to post them online. Many of us have found answers thanks to other fellow HIT sufferers, who have been down the same path.

Most of all, don’t give up!!!! I know you can do it!!