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Importance of getting tested

26 May

I think I rewrote this blog at least 4 times. How do you explain that it is soo important to get tested without offending anyone?

Maybe my story will help with that.

The brave readers who have read all my posts will know I was diagnosed as histamine intolerant by means of a skin scratch allergy test, where I reacted to the histamine control test. Altho I was given a pseudo allergene diet, other symptoms still continued. Because I was treated so badly at hospital, I decided to find myself a dietician.

And I did found one! This specific dietician specialises in food intolerances, so I was feeling quite happy with myself.  This dietician taught me a lot about my condition, and helped me trying to understand my other symptoms. By means of elimination, she thought the other symptoms I had (severe headaches, water retention and some more) were fructose related. Even worse, she thought these symptoms were the result of an extreme fructose malabsorption. So on top off my histamine low diet, I now had to avoid an additional amount of foods. Having both a histamine low and fructose low diet doesn’t leave out a lot to eat I can tell you..

On top off that, I was still getting headaches after my breakfast of buckwheatcrackers.  Then my dietician thought I might also be oversensitive to nickel. Which meant scratching even more. I most definetly wasn’t getting enough nutrients, and I went to see my GP about it. Both her, and a dear friend of mine convinced me to go back to hospital to get the fructose malabsorption tested.  I can’t say I was treated any better, but at least now I had some result: no fructose malabsorption!

What does this mean? I was on the wrong diet for months. I missed on important nutrients in my diet, because of a misdiagnosis, even tho it was well intended! And if I had decided not to get tested for fructose malabsorption, I might have been on the wrong diet for so much longer!

I’m most definetly not saying dieticians are bad for you, because they are most definetly helpfull! But elimination diets only get you so far! Get tested! Get results! If you test positive for a food intolerance, then you know you’re on the right way. If you test negative, you can exclude that already, and start looking for other causes.

I know its hard to find someone to take you seriously, but you will get there! And yes, testing is quite expensive, but at least you’ll know whats going on! Always make sure to get your diagnosis from a profesional, trust me, your nutrients are too important to just leave them out because someone thinks you might have this or that..

Stay strong, and have a fun and healthy diet!