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Histamine, grains and lectins?

26 Feb

So I’ve been missing for a bit, and will try to pick this back up again. I would like to speak a little of the things that I’ve been doing in the period I went missing, health wise.

Last time I blogged (almost a year ago!!!!) I had just done some tests. Everything went a bit pearshaped after that. I also had a test done to see how well or poorly my immune system was doing, and it came back with a bit of an akward result. I have mucosal immuno deficiency. Say what now? Yes, that was not just my reaction, but that of my treating nutritionist as well.

For the majority of people with multiple foodintolerances, or even just one, they often experience that their immune system kicks up a notch causing allergies to happen, or allergy like symptoms.

Apparently, my body decided it had to be different. My wonderfull nutritionist suggested I would take helminthic therapy, as a last resort.

This is often used for people who’s immune system had gone all berserk on them, but because mine was deficient I wasn’t too keen on it. With the mucosal immunodeficiency, I felt I couldn’t risk lowering that any further.

After a few months of pain, misery, fatigue, illness and the lot I ordered this:

It is a completely grainfree, eggfree, and dairy free probiotic. I was a bit carefull with it, because probiotics are fermented, and some are know to increase histamine in the body. Some bacteria are histamine safe, and others are not. This particular one contains Lactobacillus plantarum, which is thought not to be histamine safe. I started out with a very tiny dose, and gradually build up from there. After a while I started noticing my sleep pattern was getting entirely borked when I took these probiotics before bed. This – to me- was a good indicator my histamine levels were building up.

So thats where I was a week ago. Quite a lot to digest, all of it.

When you have something that is so misunderstood by everyone, and you start testing all sorts of things, expect a serious slap in the face. I was so used of running from one doctor to another, and just hearing not to worry about it, to come back when it’s really necesary, that it’s all in my head, having to eat foods that I was completely oversensitive too… You start believing it is all in your head, you are making it up.

So when you get those first tests back, and they do show you something is wrong it is a relief and a blow at the same time. A relief because all of a sudden this becomes real, it is no longer in your head, or a cry for attention. And a blow for that same reason. We have often been so conditioned by our healthcare to believe nothing is wrong with us, that the mere blood result that indicates otherwise, gives us quite the psychological shock!

I know for me, especially when i heard back about the mucosal immunodeficiency, it was a serious mental setback. All of a sudden, I had a visual, proof, real actual words and scientific numbers that showed me that I was really very ill. But if that was real, how could I cope with me ‘making it up’? And others believing I was making it up? Was it really real?

Getting results back, and indicating there is indeed something wrong with our bodies, after having heard and believed there wasn’t for so long takes reinventing ourselves. And that takes courages, and strength to do so.

I’m still on the probiotics, altho they are making me histaminey. If anything, I need to get rid of that extreme lectin sensitivity ruining my gut. I had a few blueberries this morning, and altho they are on no lectin list, i can assure you the extreme lectin sensitive person will not ┬álike them. Scratch that, and move forward again! Always move forward!